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Mediation, Settlement Conference, MediatorA founding principle for Weber Dispute Resolution is to help professionals like you and to get parties past impasse.   Chances are, you have cases that need to settle requiring your attention while you prepare for that long cause trial on another case.

Are you faced with any of these situations?

  • Overscheduled and overwhelmed
  • Challenging opposing counsel
  • Client’s unrealistic expectations
  • Focusing on a long cause trial at the expense of bringing other cases to conclusion
  • Cases that won’t settle, but should

If you are, consider hiring Weber Dispute Resolution to help you settle more cases.

Weber Dispute Resolution offers Mediated Settlement Conferences to assist family law attorneys get more cases settled.  Our lead mediator, Shawn Weber, has developed a sterling reputation in the San Diego family law community as a solid mediator who can help your clients break impasse.  Having volunteered successfully as a Settlement Conference Pro Tem Judge for years, Shawn knows how to take a high level view of a case to pragmatically find that elusive settlement.  His strong empathic and interpersonal gifts allow Shawn to bring humanity to legal situations to clarify the dynamics of each unique client situation in a manner that reveals options for settlement, preserves the long-term interest of the family, and empowers the individual client.

In contrast to the Superior Court Mandatory Settlement Conference process where time is restrained, a mediated settlement conference with Weber Dispute Resolution allows the parties more time.  Client’s are never rushed.  Attorneys will always have time to thoroughly advise their clients before decisions are made.  A private settlement conference also allows the parties to start early in the litigation and to short circuit the typical acrimony and expense accompanying litigation.

What’s more, experience shows that clients are more satisfied with their counsel if they can reach settlement.  You know how challenging and acrimonious a trial can be.  We can help you settle your case quickly so that you don’t need a trial.  Even if you don’t settle all issues, a settlement conference can narrow the issues significantly, which can be the difference between a short cause and a long cause trial.  Let us help you settle the cases that CAN settle, so that you can focus your time preparing for the trials that WON’T settle.

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