By Shawn Weber, Attorney and Mediator

Ok… so I have been writing all of these serious posts on my blog about important things like child support, custody, division of pensions, blah, blah, blah. . . .

This post is an attempt at a little levity in what is otherwise a fairly depressing industry. I have learned over the years as a divorce attorney that it helps to be armed with a fairly robust sense of humor when tackling my daily diet of other people’s misery. My mother always taught me, “You might as well laugh as cry.”

I also find it healthy to listen to how artists have dealt with the “D” word through the divorce song. Some of the songs are deeply emotional and some are downright funny. In any case, music can make a person forget their own struggles… or maybe just wallow in them… I’m not sure.

So, here is my divorce song list in no particular order:

I’m sure I didn’t even come close to scratching the surface. Please comment and tell me your favorite divorce song. Maybe I can compile a huge playlist to put on our music on hold. Well—maybe not.