Family Court Budget Cuts San Diego Superior Court

There’s a new press release on the San Diego Superior Court homepage relating to the deep budget cuts the courts are facing as a result of the current California budget problems.  Honestly, the cuts to the San Diego Superior Court are huge and my family law colleagues are all abuzz about them.  No one has thrown themselves out of a building yet, but one thing is clear:  The already inefficient family court system in San Diego Superior Court is about to get much less efficient.  (I call it divorce at the DMV.)

As a result, my advice to folks facing an interaction with the family courts is to think twice.  There are wonderful no-court options for people facing a divorce, family law case, custody battle, etc. —  such as mediation or collaborative divorce.

At Weber Dispute Resolution, we provide many out-of-court options for people caught up in a family law dispute.  For a free telephone consulation, call us at 858-410-0144.  We can help avoid the nightmare that is the family court.