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What Type of Family Law Process Will You Choose?

What type of Family Law ProcessOur 20 years of family law experience at Weber Dispute Resolution has taught us a very important question to ask at the beginning of the case.  That question is, “What Type of Family Law Process Do You Need to Experience?” There are many available process options to help you get divorced.  They include:

  • Collaborative Practice.  A no-court option where your attorney signs an agreement with the other attorney to stay out of family court.  You work with a team of professionals from different disciplines to resolve your case.
  • Mediation.  You both work with a neutral mediator who helps bridge the gaps so that you can find pathways to settlement and stay out of court.
  • Consulting.  Use a consulting attorney to get the advice you need without hiring her as your attorney of record.  Get the legal services you need and only the legal services you need. Sometimes referred to as “unbundled” legal services.)
  • Family Law Agreement.  Sometimes you don’t need a formal court procedure.  Maybe you just need a family law agreement to define where you stand legally with the other party.

We haven’t found a cookie cutter yet that fits everyone the same.

There are many available process options to help you get divorced or to approach your family law case.  These options vary in cost, complexity, and level of cooperation.  As a result, you owe it to yourself to take the time to explore the best fit for your family.

Because the decision of HOW to divorce is nearly as important as WHETHER to divorce, this single question holds great weight in influencing all aspects of both the legal stuff of divorce AND the human side of divorce.

Feel like your case is too challenging to solve without family court?  Maybe not!

Even challenging family law matters like domestic violence, child support, child custody and visitation can be addressed without going to court.  Sometimes sensitive issues can even best be addressed with a family law process that pours water on the fire instead of gasoline.  You may be a better fit than you think.  Let’s talk about what will work for you.  You may be surprised.

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Having a hard time deciding what dispute resolution process is best for you and your family?  Call us today to schedule an Options Meeting!

We know that divorce can be overwhelming.  So, that’s why we offer our innovative Options Meeting for you and your spouse to come in and discuss a family law process.  Additionally, the Options Meeting is a simple, non-threatening opportunity to explore the best family law process for you. Because the Options Meeting is so important, we’ll only charge a 1-hour flat fee.

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