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What Type of Family Law Process Will You Choose?

What type of Family Law ProcessOur 16 plus years of family law experience at Weber Dispute Resolution has taught us a very important question to ask at the beginning of the case.  That question is, “What Type of Family Law Process Do You Need to Experience?” There are many available process options to help you get divorced.

Because the decision of HOW to get divorced is nearly as important as WHETHER to divorce, this single question holds great weight in influencing all aspects of both the legal stuff of divorce AND the human side of divorce.

Having a hard time deciding what dispute resolution process is best for you and your family?  Call us today to schedule an Options Meeting!

We know that getting divorced can be overwhelming.  So, that’s why we offer our innovative Options Meeting for you and your spouse to come in and discuss a family law process.  The Options Meeting is a simple, non-threatening opportunity to explore the best family law process for you. Because the Options Meeting is so important, we’ll only charge a 1-hour flat fee.

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