Our Promise to You

The Weber Dispute Resolution Promise.
Weber Dispute Resolution - Our Promise to You

At Weber Dispute Resolution, you will have an experience of hope and being heard through Shawn’s gift for grasping his clients’ needs, fears and concerns in a way that he can creatively craft individual settlements and solutions for each party’s unique situation.

Our Core Values.

We know that it is important for you to find a good “fit” when selecting a professional to help with your case.  Furthermore, Weber Dispute Resolution is guided by a set of governing values that we bring to every case.

  • Genuineness. We know that being “real” is probably one of the most important things are clients want to see in us.  Simply stated, we believe in being exactly who we are showing pure genuineness and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Agility. We are masters at “pivoting” efficiently when needed through a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflex, strength and endurance to the individual needs of each case.
  • Balanced Work Ethic. We strive to effectively manage our cases in a way that makes financial sense for our clients. It is our responsibility to manage our client’s sacred financial resources so that they resolve their legal disputes without going bankrupt.
  • Humanity.  Since we view each individual circumstance with genuine empathy and understanding, we govern ourselves with a unique sensitivity to how we treat others.   When we interact with our clients, we never forget the human element.
  • Communication.  We keep everyone on the same page and going in the same direction by frank, open communication.
  • Friendly.  As dolphins instead of sharks, we subscribe to getting more with sugar than vinegar.  We are kind, friendly, polite and compassionate, even when dealing with opposing parties or counsel.
  • A Safe Haven.  Our service provides clients with a feeling of sanctuary, shelter, and refuge from the storm of their legal disputes. Clients typically feel at peace and not judged.  Consequently, they can trust that we will take care of them.
  • Professional Quality.  Details matter to the overall quality of our product.  Therefore, we give the same care and attention to all of the components that make up the whole.
  • We Listen.  Our clients hire us to help them with their personal struggles, over which they may have significant fear and anxiety.
    Shawn Weber is a warm, genuine, empathic and compassionate person who listens deeply.  Most of all, our clients can trust that we will seek to listen, understand, guide and mentor.
  • First Do No Harm.  Because increased conflict harms families and children, we avoid costly methods employed by some lawyers that ignore the human element and do little good except to agitate.

Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., Forensic Psychologist

"Shawn is an outstanding attorney. He has a superior grasp of the law and is able to articulate this understanding in language that is useful to non-legal professionals. While comfortable being a zealous advocate for his clients, Shawn is also a peacemaker and an effective mediator. I have come to recognize Shawn as an ethical, respectful and highly professional lawyer. Most important, Shawn has a respect for and grasp of the human element in his work."

July 11, 2014

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