Family Facilitated Conversations

A safe space to discuss challenging family topics.

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Let’s face it. Sometimes having difficult conversations with family members can be tough.

These are the perfect types of situations for a facilitated family conversation:

  • Challenging inter-family disputes
  • Difficult decisions about whether to stay married or to separate
  • Blended families
  • A loved one with substance abuse concerns
  • Tough decisions about an aging parent’s care
  • Questions about whether or when an aging parent should downsize a home
  • What to do when a sibling suffers from addiction and you’re worried about what happens to the sibling’s inheritance when your parents pass away
  • When you’re worried about hurt feelings as a result of an estate structure

These and other difficult conversations can be very emotional and strain even the closest family bonds. Our experienced facilitator will manage the flow of conversation so emotions can be expressed productively. You will each get a chance to share thoughts without interruption. We help your family find solutions even when it is hard.

Benefits of Family Facilitated Conversations

  • Provides a safe space to discuss challenging topics
  • Creates mutual respect, understanding, and connection
  • Participation is voluntary for all participants
  • You and your family members will be empowered to say what’s working and what’s not working at any time

Is your family ready to have an important conversation?

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Live in Different Cities or Can’t Come In?  Consider Online Dispute Resolution.

online mediation buttonBecause of the wonders of technology in the modern era, we have the ability to meet with parties via video conference.  Documents can be signed electronically and your issues can be resolved via your laptop or device without even leaving your home.

Using online dispute resolution, we can help you resolve any issue for any county in California.  That’s because the parties can be anywhere in the world including out of the country.  All that is needed is an internet connection.


To learn more, call 858-410-0144 or click here.

Family Facilitated Conversations Not Quite Right? 

Then consider one of our other Family Law Processes

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Dolphins Instead of Sharks

Dolphin jumping out of the water near the ship in the ocean

We get it that legal disputes often invoke fear and worry.  Because conflict can be emotionally charged and tough to address, we coach you on how to navigate the constantly changing currents of the law. Applying our Dolphin Lawyering philosophy, we take a holistic approach to mediation and analogize the lawyer to a dolphin instead of the more popular stereotype of a shark.