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At Weber Dispute Resolution, we connect you with an expert San Diego mediator specialized in your specific area of conflict.  Focusing on avoiding costly and painful court processes through mediation, we help you find an efficient and humane resolution for your dispute.

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Struggling to make the paradigm shift from litigation to mediation?  Perhaps your mediation practice is not quite where you want it?  Maybe you are feeling lost or overwhelmed. Don’t struggle anymore.

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It’s more than

just a legal process;

It’s a Human Experience.

A Different Kind of Mediation Center

At our core, we know that every dispute is rooted in the human element. By carefully listening and observing with all of their senses, our San Diego mediators know how to use their highly developed intuition and skills to quickly get to the bottom of what is driving the dispute. Whether the interests are legal, financial, emotional or even spiritual, we develop a deep and penetrating understanding of the world our clients are experiencing. From there, we find previously unknown pathways to settlement, which are invisible to most other legal professionals.

Everyone’s Dispute is Unique.

Typically, a dispute or conflict is centered in a particular area of law and expertise.  We are experts in finding seasoned mediators trained in specific areas of law so you can resolve your dispute.

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Trusts, Estates & Elder Care

Divorce and Family Law

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Business and Civil Disputes

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If you would like us to connect you with a San Diego Mediator, we are ready to help.  Schedule a complimentary meet-and-greet now to explore a fit.

Dolphins Instead of Sharks

Our Approach

We get it that legal disputes often invoke fear and worry.  Because conflict can be emotionally charged and tough to address, we coach you on how to navigate the constantly changing currents of the law. Applying our Dolphin Lawyering philosophy, our San Diego mediators take a holistic approach to mediation and analogize the lawyer to a dolphin instead of the more popular stereotype of a shark.

Client Testimonials

Now, 4 years later, I can talk to my ex without feeling I was treated unjustly.

I wanted an easy, non-combative divorce although my ex had cheated on me. I did not want my children to experience a bad divorce. I just wanted it over. We called Shawn after getting some recommendations.

We interviewed him and he was easy to talk to, did not take sides and explained legal issues well. He was very out front regarding fees. We hired him on the spot. THANK GOODNESS!  He was calm even when things got heated or when I became angry and bitter. I was wary that he would take my ex-husband's side but he was unbiased.

Now, 4 years later, I can talk to my ex without feeling I was treated unjustly. Things have worked out well and I thank Shawn for helping me understand my rights and the law and giving good advice. I would absolutely hire him again.

-Sandra, Actual Client

Mr. Trustworthy

"You are 'mister trustworthy'. Thank you again for helping me at a very difficult time in my life! You brought faithfulness to the process as you were immediately responsive, easy to talk to, honest, and forthright, not to mention generous. You lifted a great burden off of me like no other attorney had. I am grateful I finally found you! Blessings to you!"

-Actual Client, M.D., July 2014

You will leave his office feeling empowered, informed, and grounded.

Shawn Weber's calm, professional, and empathetic temperament helped put at ease all my worries and concerns. My first contact to him was over the phone, when I first heard his warm and empathetic voice that is evenly matched in person. An attorney who prefaces the first meeting by saying "I am sorry that you are here today," puts himself on the same level of understanding as his clients. His goal is to be mediator and attorney, while being completely fair to both sides. He helped me by illustrating the financial information specific to my case in an understandable format, is extremely well-versed in family law, clearly interprets matters of spousal support and child support for families in unique divorce situations....  You will leave his office feeling empowered, informed, and grounded.

-Joanna K., Actual Mediation Client

Caring, patient and insightful

"Shawn Weber is a very caring, patient, and insightful mediator and attorney. He is able to maintain a focus on the family as a whole while skillfully representing his client. Shawn Weber is able to see all sides of disagreements and to seek well-reasoned solutions. He is hard-working and straightforward."

-Linda A., Actual Client

Extensive experience in handling complex high conflict cases

"I would like to most sincerely recommend Shawn Weber to anyone in search of an honorable attorney to represent them in their divorce proceedings. Shawn is very knowledgable in family law. In fact, he has extensive experience in handling highly complex high conflict resolution cases. Shawn has an extremely calming manner and has the ability to explain complicated legal matters easily. He's able to point out what the opposing side may be thinking and gives clear foundation to any suggestions he makes. I found that if he says he's pretty confident in something, he's going to be right every time! Lol!"

-Rachel F., Working Mother

A Superior Grasp of the Law

"Shawn is an outstanding attorney. He has a superior grasp of the law and is able to articulate this understanding in language that is useful to non-legal professionals. While comfortable being a zealous advocate for his clients, Shawn is also a peacemaker and an effective mediator. I have come to recognize Shawn as an ethical, respectful and highly professional lawyer. Most importantly, Shawn has a respect for and grasp of the human element in his work."

-Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., Forensic Psychologist

Encourages long term financial success and protects families from unnecessary conflict

"Shawn is a caring and compassionate divorce attorney with the ability to advocate for his client's interests in a way that facilitates settlement, encourages long term financial success and protects families from unnecessary conflict. I highly recommend Shawn as a Mediator and Divorce Attorney."

-Justin Reckers, CFP, CDFA

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