WDR Mediators Shawn Weber, CLS-F and Scott Weiner, Ph.D., J.D. join forces with WDR friend Mark Hill, CFP®, CDFA® to host the fun and informative podcast, The Three Wisemen of Divorce: Money, Psych & Law.  Give it a listen, subscribe, and share it with a friend.


The Three Wisemen of Divorce

Money, Psych & Law

Sit down with “The California Divorce Experts”: Mark C. Hill, CFP®, CDFA® Financial Divorce Consultant; Scott Weiner, Psychologist, Divorce Attorney and Mediator; and Shawn Weber, CLS-F* Family Law Mediator and Divorce Attorney for a frank and casual conversation about divorce, separation, co-parenting and the difficult decisions real people like you face during these tough times.

Listen to the podcast here or download it wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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