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Trusts & Estates Mediation Services

Probate & Conservatorship Mediation

Avoid the pain and heartache of a divisive litigation around an inheritance dispute or will contest with Trusts and Estates Mediation.

No one wants an issue with inheritance or a will to divide a family. But sometimes families struggle when a loved one passes.

In contrast to litigation, which pits one member of your family against another, trusts and estates mediation brings family members together in a supportive space so everyone can talk it out in an honest and safe way. The mediator ensures a safe environment and facilitates the flow of conversation.

In mediation, you will have an opportunity to share your side of the story while the other side listens. The mediator encourages you to identify your underlying needs and interests to uncover pathways to settlement.

Listening deeply to the your needs, the mediator helps generate win-win solutions. Often, folks can reach an agreement relatively quickly after just a handful of mediation sessions.

Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding expensive court procedures, there are many subtle benefits of trusts and estates mediation. Even if you don’t quite reach agreement during your trusts and estates mediation, your family can experience healing just because you sat down together and respectfully talked things out.

Family Facilitated Conversations

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Looking for a safe space to discuss challenging family topics?

Let’s face it. Sometimes having difficult conversations with family members can be tough. These are the perfect types of situations for a facilitated family conversation:

  • Tough decisions about an aging parent’s care
  • Questions about whether or when an aging parent should downsize a home
  • What to do when a sibling suffers from addiction and you’re worried about what happens to the sibling’s inheritance when your parents pass away
  • When you’re worried about hurt feelings as a result of an estate distribution plan

These difficult conversations can be very emotional and strain even the closest family bonds. Our experienced facilitator will manage the flow of conversation so emotions can be expressed productively. You will each get a chance to share thoughts without interruption. We help your family find solutions even when it is hard.

Benefits of Family Facilitated Conversations

  • Provides a safe space to discuss challenging topics
  • Creates mutual respect, understanding, and connection
  • Participation is voluntary for all participants
  • You and your family members will be empowered to say what’s working and what’s not working at any time

Trusts & Estates Mediation Services: A Path to Resolution and Healing

Navigating inheritance disputes or will contests can be painful and divisive for families. Our Trusts and Estates Mediation services offer a compassionate alternative to litigation, fostering a supportive environment where family members can openly discuss their concerns. Mediation encourages honest conversations, helping each party express their needs and interests. With the guidance of a skilled mediator, families can uncover mutually beneficial solutions, often reaching agreements swiftly. Even if a complete resolution isn’t achieved, the process itself can promote healing and understanding.

When faced with challenging family topics such as caring for an aging parent, addressing a sibling’s addiction, or managing estate distribution plans, our Family Facilitated Conversations provide a safe space for dialogue. Our experienced facilitators ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard without interruption, helping families navigate emotional discussions productively. These conversations foster mutual respect and understanding, empowering families to find workable solutions together.

Overall, Trusts and Estates Mediation, along with Facilitated Family Conversations, offer a pathway to resolving conflicts, avoiding expensive court procedures, and strengthening family bonds through respectful and constructive dialogue.

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