Divorce by text message banned in Tajikistan

So it’s official. Time Magazine’s Hillary Brenhouse reports that folks living in Tajikistan can no longer divorce their spouse by text message. Apparently, in old Sunni Islam tradition, you can divorce your spouse by delivering the “triple talaq“.  Just deliver the phrase, “I divorce you,” to your estranged spouse and “POOF” you have a divorce.  (I note that only men get to employ this convenient method for divorce.)  In spite of its utility and simplicity, it has been outlawed in many of the majority islamic country’s including Turkey, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia.  In India, according to Brenhouse, a “triple talaq” won’t get a person very far unless it also accompanies arbitration and reconciliation.

Now in the digital age, it seems, Tajik men have been delivering their talaqs via text message.   Sensing that the divorce by text message is just too easy, Abdrakhim Kholikov, the head of the Tajik state religious affairs committee, has declared that sending text messages containing a triple talaq is a  breach of Islamic law.  Sigh… no more divorce by text message.

Read the article here:

‘We R Over’: Tajikistan’s Religious Officials Ban Divorce By Text Message – TIME NewsFeed.

Klingon Divorce Better?

The triple talaq reminds me of the Klingon Divorce video I posted from Youtube last month.  If divorce were this easy, I would need to find a new line of work.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBLkOMvidwo]

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