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Funny Divorce Quotes

My mother always said, “You might as well laugh as cry.”

I came accross this article written for Psychology Today by Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D. entitled “The Wittiest Quotes on Divorce. ”  While divorce can be an unbearable experience, it is good to be able to laugh.  Here’s the link:

Enjoy!  And please…. laugh a little!

International Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Apparently it is International Be Kind to Lawyers Day.  I simply don’t know what to say.  Perhaps I will just sit in my office and wait for kindness to flow my way.  (Yeah that’ll happen!)  😉

So go out.  Find a lawyer.  Give him or her a great big hug.  Awwww!  (Now go take a shower with liquid hand sanitizer.)

Hug a Lawyer

Hug a Lawyer

The Divorce So Bad it Made the Family Judge Flip Out


I came across this article from Time Magazine by  BELINDA LUSCOMBE about a family judge in Canada that basically flipped out on a couple because their behavior during the divorce was so bad.  The Judge apparently wrote his opinion having taken a very dim view of both parties.  I particularly enjoyed his dark and sarcastic tone in his very unusual order.  However, the opinion underscores in a humorous way a significant problem facing many family court judges.  I have often heard the saying that in Criminal Court, we have bad people on their best behavior.  But in Family Court we have good people on their worst behavior.  I wonder how many family judges have considered making an order like this one.

Here’s the link to the article.

Divorce Custom: 7 Post-Split Rituals From Around The World

So many of my divorce clients describe the anti-climactic feelings they experience when they receive their divorce decree in the mail. I have heard several different divorce practitioners and mental health professional recommend a ceremony of sorts to mark the event. After all, this is a the closing of an important chapter in one’s life. Marking the occasion is a great idea. I often recommend a walk on the beach or writing an entry in a diary or journal. Some of these ideas are a bit off the wall though. I wonder what everyone else thinks! 😉
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Negotiating Over Waffles

Every now and then I will get involved in a negotiation where one of the parties struggles with the concept of negotiating and sharing.  Such a person wants all of what he or she wants and is simply unwilling to compromise or share in any way.  Obviously that makes my job harder.

I came across this video about a negotiation over waffles that pretty much sums it up for me.

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Video: When You Are Old and Grey – Tom Lehrer. This song I think explains a lot of my cases.

I really got a kick out of this old Tom Lehrer song, “When You Are Old and Grey.”  It seems that I have had a number of cases where folks may have lost their agility.    😉