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My Second Appearance on “Real Divorce Talk”

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I was happy to appear again on the Facebook Live program Real Divorce Talk. This time, I co-hosted with my good friend Bryan Devore. The potential for this program as a divorce information resource really excites me.

About Bryan Devore

Bryan Devore co-founded Divorce Home Solutions.  There, he helps people gather needed facts to make tough choices (including whether to sell their home or to stay).  They provide helpful services along with access to trusted divorce pros guiding folks through the divorce transition.

Bryan and his partner, Jami Shapiro, also sponsor a  Separated and Newly Divorced Meetup support group.  They meet every two weeks on Tuesdays in Carlsbad from 6pm – 8pm.  Because each session is led by a therapist specializing in divorce, it’s a time for folks to learn and share.  Sharing experiences helps people realize they aren’t alone.

Watch Episode 2 of Real Divorce Talk for Relevant Divorce Information

This week’s Real Divorce Talk show featured Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Carlie Headapohl, divorce mortgage expert Eric Billock, nationally recognized author of The Good Divorce Dr. Constance Ahrons, and “Lemonade Divorce” attorney and mediator Allison Patton.

Today’s Topics: co-parenting, divorce emotions, divorce finances, mortgage lending during a divorce, divorce mediation, the Good Divorce, and Lemonade Divorce.

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Watch my appearance on Real Divorce Talk on Facebook Live

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Reducing Reactivity in Divorce

Sometimes a divorce or family law case can be like a perfect storm.  The fissile material of fear, hurt and anger can lead people to make terrible choices as they navigate a very difficult legal process.  This video offers tips on how to reduce reactivity in divorce to help encourage a peaceful, cost-effective and amicable divorce.

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Family Law Attorney and Mediator Shawn Weber explains why he loves Collaborative Practice for resolving divorce and family law cases.

Shawn Weber Discusses Alternate Dispute Resolution on San Diego AM 1700 ESPN Radio

I recently had the opportunity to appear for the seventh time on San Diego’s AM 1700 ESPN Radio “Real Estate Radio” with host Ryan White. Ryan gave me an opportunity to talk about alternate dispute resolution and why it can be a better way to approach a divorce than traditional adversarial litigation. Here’s an excerpt:

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Robin Williams and the Two Headed Monster Demonstrate Conflict

As I am a mediator and a collaborative divorce practitioner, my job is all about managing conflict. A key component to managing conflict is recognizing it when you see it. To that end, I thought this video would make a great tribute to the late Robin Williams while educating my readers. Enjoy!