By Shawn Weber, JD, CLS-F

On April 4, I had another opportunity to go on San Diego ESPN 1700’s Real Estate Radio with my good friend and fellow collaborative divorce practitioner, Justin Reckers, CFP®, CDFA, AIF®.  It was a great opportunity because we had the full hour to ourselves to talk about divorce processes.  I have been a long believer that people facing a divorce need to take control early and decide what process they wish to use to complete their divorce. So many people and attorneys just jump straight to litigation, which for most people, is the the very worst way to transition a family.  It is more expensive and more destructive.

I was pleased that Justin and I had the chance to tell about mediation and collaborative divorce as excellent options for parties to reduce cost, take control of the outcome and transition their families in as healthy a way as possible.

Listen to the whole show here:

The Real Estate Radio Hour on ESPN 1700 AM


Shawn Weber, J.D., CLS-F

Justin A. Reckers, CFP®, CDFA™, AIF®