Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place

Collaborative Divorce is a new way to divorce without going to court.

In a Collaborative Divorce, the parties and attorneys sign an agreement that they will not go to court.  If any party chooses to litigate, the attorneys fall out of the process.  Additionally, parties often add mental health professionals and financial specialists to work as part of the Collaborative team.

In a Collaborative Divorce, the parties are in control of the process of the divorce.  Rather than handing their lives over to a judge, the parties make difficult decisions like alimony, parenting, property division,  and child support.  The process is safe, dignified, empowering, supportive and mutually respectful.  It’s also a great way to keep kids’ needs in perspective.

I am always happy when I can see a family transition without the acrimony of court.  Collaborative Practice increases the ability for the couple to truly have a transformative experience and to find creative ways with maximum professional support.  I am a big believer in it!

Here is a terrific video produced by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  By interviewing actual clients and professionals, it does an excellent job of showing how the collaborative process works.  Check it out!

Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place.

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