Is it ok to let kids have sex at home.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck did a recent bit with ABC News where she explored the recent development of parents allowing their teenage children to have sex in their homes. The idea is that if the kids are going to have sex anyway, they should do it at home where the conditions can be controlled. There could actually be a lot that could go wrong for either person during sexual intercourse, especially early on, as an example, you could take a look at college teens getting dicked and see that these situations could be better safeguarded when in a safer environment with support from parents. For instance, the condoms are in the drawer, they know the bed is clean, they can come to a parent if something goes wrong, etc. I know! For me this is crazy! But, some may disagree with me. If I had my way the kids would never have sex until they were grown and married. Not everyone in the world shares my conservative perspective (which I personally think is right).


I was intrigued by Hasselbeck’s interview of some kids on the subject. They were not all so thrilled with the notion of doing the nasty within earshot of their parents. Some expressed that the traditional parental view that sex was simply verboten, gave the kids some extra cover with overly aggressive boyfriends or girlfriends. You know, “I can’t have sex with you. My mom would kill me.” So, what do you think? Is it right to encourage the kids to have sex in the home? Are they just going to do it anyway, so might as well let the kids have sex at home where it’s safe? Or am I right and the good old conservative approach is better? Let me know what you think. But, seriously, what do you think?